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What’s been happening this Month!

We’ve Installed a 3mx 3m main platform with a 6ft x 6ft playhouse. It has 3 windows and 1 door, with a 2m bridge, 1m x1m covered tower. it also has 2x 10ft slides. There is a climbing wall with 3 swings, and it measures 9m wide so the kids will have no shortage of space. see more pictures on our gallery page.

Our customer wanted both a winter and summer area. The winter area included, a raised deck with pergola, a full wall framing the door, 2 walls with gates, and one full wall. we added a Murphy bar with a Guinness sign. We fitted L shape benches, with lift up seats and a table. We added hooks for a Hammock and a swing.

The summer area included a full panelled wall, L shape seating with a bottom that lifts out so that you can lay down in the sun. we added plant boxes on each side, with a table in the middle. we added posts concreted in to hang up the hammock.

Bin storage with to hold 3 bins with both lid access and front opening doors.

For this customer we added a basket swing and a baby swing, with a climbing wall, and steps on the other end.

This local delivery was a fun climbing frame with monkey bars and swings on either side, we added a cool balancing beam, and balancing steps. view more pictures in our gallery.

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